Notoriously for being hard to find (due to the locals taking down the road signs)  Bolinas is an enclave of artists, surfers and those looking for a respite from of the general frenzy of the urban populace.  Huge plus: The natural landscape on the drive in is truly breathtaking!

The very first time that we performed in Bolinas was almost 20 years ago, and the show had gone on until almost two o’clock in the morning.  At the end of a song, Papiba stopped to ask one of the locals if the band should wrap it up.  “Nah, you can keep playing” the man said, still animatedly dancing around.
“But won’t someone call the police if we keep playing?  It’s almost 2am!” Papiba persisted.
The man paused then and looked intently around the room.  He broke out in a wide smile and replied, “It’s okay! It looks like everyone is here, so you can keep playing.”

These days, we probably can’t keep playing until dawn, but there is something about this tight and extraordinary community that speaks to our artistic souls.

41 Wharf Road , Bolinas, CA | Doors: 9:00 PM (ends at 1:00 AM) | 21 and over | $10

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Photo is a cropped image by Flamenc