SAMBADA 2014 and beyond!
Thu, Jan 30th 2014

Dubbed the West Coast’s hottest Brazilian band by promoters, journalists and fans, SambaDá musically unites the Americas. Based in the rich musical traditions of Brazil, SambaDá also references salsa and cumbia, and blends them playfully with funk and reggae beats. Brazilian natives Papiba Godinho and... read more

Nashville Music Scene - Sambada, Gente! Album review
Fri, Mar 5th 2010

Nashville Music Scene - Sambada, Gente! Album review. by Ron Wynn. West Coast ensemble combining Brazilian vocalists with American instrumentalists and singers, Sambada's third disc mixes exuberant samba and funk with bits of rock and even soca on the opening selection. The group barrels ahead through... read more

Pasadena Weekly TRAX, CD Reviews by Bliss SAMBADA, Gente!
Tue, Mar 2nd 2010

Pasadena Weekly TRAX CD Reviews by Bliss SAMBADÁ, Gente! (Santa Cruz): (4 stars out of 5) Opening with a vintage surf-guitar riff, this Santa Cruz-based Afro-Brazilian collective suggest they’re taking you to a Ventures date before veering south to Bahia for a funk-reggae-bloco-afro-hip-hop beachside... read more

SambaDá Gente! Album Review at Pop Matters
Tue, Mar 2nd 2010

SambaDá Gente! Album Review by Deanne Sole SambaDá is tight without being too controlled. This is what every good band needs to be, but it’s a particular advantage when you’re playing this kind of Afro-Brazilian Popular because the music has to sound bright, fast, rowdy, yet beautiful. It’s breathless... read more

Santa Cruz County Stories, Papiba Godinho: Afro-Brazillian dance instructor, bandleader unites the Americas
Sun, Feb 28th 2010

SANTA CRUZ SENTINAL NEWSPAPER By LAURA COPELAND As a young man with aspirations to work on the New York Stock Exchange and brush up his English, Papiba Godinho boarded a plane for America in 1991, never imagining he'd be a dance instructor in Santa Cruz just one year later. "I didn't identify with... read more

Funky Samba! CD Review from World Music Central
Sat, Feb 13th 2010

WORLD MUSIC CENTRAL Contributed by: ARomero CD Reviews: Sambadá - Gente! (Sambadá, 2010) On Gente!, Sambadá explores the vibrant and captivating music of Bahia (Brazil). The large group provides some of the finest and liveliest Brazilian music made in the United States. While most... read more

‘GENTE’ BY SAMBADA- Indie em Portugues
Wed, Feb 10th 2010

‘GENTE’ BY SAMBA DA- Indie em Portugues by Hardie K. Bossa nova is the worst thing that ever happened to Brazilian popular music. In that one unique rise to the pinnacle of world music some fifty years ago, Brazilian popular music became frozen in time, at least in the minds of its foreign audience,... read more

Afro-Brazilian Band SambaDa to Release 'Gente!' February 23
Wed, Feb 10th 2010

SHOUT CAST RADIO BLOG by Jeff Tamarkin 'Gente!,' the new self-released album by the Santa Cruz, Calif.-based, Afro-Brazilian (bloco afro) band SambaDa, will drop on Feb. 23rg, the third full-length CD from the percussion-heavy troupe that emerged from a Brazilian dance group. Founded... read more

SambaDá: Gente!
Sat, Feb 6th 2010

FINANCIAL TIMES By David Honigmann SambaDá Gente! 4 star rating In full swing, eight out of SambaDá’s nine musicians work as percussionists. They sound like a Brazilian bloco, but in fact the band are based in Santa Cruz and throw assorted Californian music into the mix, from surf rock to Red Hot Chili... read more

Brazilian Transplants in Unexpected Places: SambaDa Reveres and Reinvents Samba and Surf-Rock
Mon, Feb 1st 2010

There’s a beach where one sunny afternoon you may witness an offering to an Afro-Brazilian Orixa spirit of the ocean, the next day watch master capoeristas practicing Brazil’s martial art dance form, and still another day join a gathering of thousands of surfers-cum-dancers rocking out to hybrid musical... read more

Album Review: Gente!-Sambadá at Afro Beat Blog
Sun, Jan 24th 2010

Album Review: Gente!-Sambadá at the afrobeatblog blog Posted by Marc Gabriel Amigone Gente, the new album from Afro-Brazilian fusion collective Sambadá, set for release February 23, 2010, is an exhilarating, feel good collection of songs that will make you want to get up and dance. With a strong framework... read more

SambaDá turned up the heat at the Blue Lamp
Mon, Jan 11th 2010

Going into the Blue Lamp on Friday night, the bouncer underwent his normal procedures of checking IDs and collecting cover fees. Noticing my notebook, he asked, “Is this your first SambaDa show? You are not going to need a book, I can guarantee that.” Although not a book for reading, it was difficult... read more

LOVE YOUR LOCAL BAND: SambaDá by Amanda Martinez for the GOOD TIMES, Santa Cruz
Thu, Mar 27th 2008

And to think, the birth of possibly the only West Coast band to deftly fuse the finesse of funk and reggae with the sensuous beats and vitality of Afro-Brazilian culture evolved out of the wish of one Brazilian native to travel to America and study economics. It’s true. That was the initial intent... read more

SambaDá write up in Honolulu Weekly:
Mon, Jan 7th 2008

EVERYTHING, PLUS SOME: If the kitchen sink includes Afro Brazilian funk, samba, reggae, rock, hip-hop, Capoeira music and dancing, then SambaDá has got everything in the house-including the flippin' sink. The band's (or shall we say music-dance behemoth) first Hawaiian appearance will spread the Afro-Brazilian... read more

Santa Cruz's favorite Brazilian band has created its own genre of feel-good music.
Fri, Apr 6th 2007

By GRAHAM HAWORTH, SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT For a decade, SambaDa has honed their uniquely California-flavored Brazilian sound. They’ve packed the Catalyst and Moe’s Alley many times over, taken their act on the road and, on their most recent album, “Salve a Bahia,” worked with Grammy-nominated producer... read more

Fri, Apr 6th 2007

By adding dance to its groove, SambaDá has tapped into a special music mix. By Jim Carnes - Bee Staff Writer A performance by SambaDá is a lively mix of music and movement. The group has one foot firmly rooted in California and the other in the cultural traditions of Brazil. It has taken 10 years,... read more

Septet SambaDa expands horizons Christina Troup, The Examiner San Francisco
Mon, Mar 12th 2007

Septet SambaDa expands horizons - Christina Troup, The Examiner San FranciscoAfter a decade of delivering world-beat Afro-Brazilian grooves, Santa Cruz’s SambaDa realized it was time to up the musical ante and create a sound that truly defined the collective as whole. The septet, which was... read more

Mon, Feb 12th 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007 When people think of Brazilian music, often the first thing that comes to mind is bossa nova and the musicians who have made the sound famous, namely Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gilberto Gil and Elis Regina. However, the country's music has always been as diverse as the people... read more

San Diego Carnaval 2007, Matt Schild / AOL Digital City
Mon, Jan 29th 2007

"...Copying the Brazilian tradition to celebrate life with a Bourbon Street-meets-Rio celebration, 4th & B's annual Brazil Carnival delivers a taste of South America the weekend before Fat Tuesday, letting Mardi Gras fans get their revelry started early. With samba specialists SambaDa providing the music... read more

"Celebrate with Samba"- Joseph Woodard, Santa Barbara News Press, December 28, 2006
Fri, Dec 29th 2006

"SambaDa is no stranger to Santa Barbara, and specifically SOhO...Celebrating a decade of musical action in 2007, the band seems poised to bump to a new level, with the release of its second album "Salve a Bahia"...

Coast Weekly of Monterey, Ca - Tracy Hukill
Sun, Dec 24th 2006

“To stay seated at a SambaDá show is to ask to be rushed to the emergency room, because no one with a pulse can sit still through this kind of sexy, high-energy rhythmic assault. Hips will begin moving of their own accord.”

San Diego Brazil Carnaval Promoter, Steve Spencer
Sun, Dec 24th 2006

“SambaDa has headlined the San Diego Brazil Carnaval since 2005 and we look forward to them rockin" the house at San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2007. They are an electrifying ensemble of Musicians dedicated to makin’ your body move to the groove. SambaDa can bring it!”

Good Times Weekly of Santa Cruz, Ca -David Espinoza
Sun, Dec 24th 2006

“Providing a refreshing contrast to your standard disco-cover-and-bell-bottom-tossing club band, Brazilian dance outfit SambaDá absolutely blew me away! Equipped with a full percussion ensemble that rotates during songs between amplified string instruments and drums, the seven-member Santa Cruz based... read more

SOhO staff, club in Santa Barbara, CA
Sun, Dec 24th 2006

"Sambada...Infectious, high energy, rhythmic dance grooves...the one night all of Santa Barbara comes out to party!!!

Good Times Weekly of Santa Cruz, Ca -David Espinoza
Sun, Dec 24th 2006

“It’s nearly impossible not to immediately fall head over heals for SambaDá music-the sound is so bright and delicious you’d have to be a lobotomized chimp not to feel moved by it…and while the members of SambaDá may be old hands at club gigs, they aren’t simply another Caribbean cruise ship attraction... read more, Claudia Guedes
Sun, Dec 24th 2006

"SambaDá has gained steady popularity with this unique mix of cultures, roots, musical genres, and influences. Up and down the California Coast, the group has been blazing a trail hotter than the Rio sun on the first day of Carnival"

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